Reduce Post-operative Bruising Quickly with Auriderm XO

Having a cosmetic procedure can leave you with some interim bruises afterwards, which is frustrating as you wait to see the results of the treatment. A bruised, puffy appearance isn’t how you want to see yourself after having cosmetic improvements, but there is a way to speed up the diminishing of bruises enhancing your appearance.

Auriderm XO is a post-treatment saviour; a vitamin K Oxide emulsion designed to improve the appearance of post-operative bruises. Helping to make bruises look better faster, it means you will be able to show off the results of your treatment sooner, feeling good about yourself and enjoying your new look.

Bruises are a natural side-effect of treatment as the skin begins to recover from your treatment. And once it goes down, you will be able to see the pleasing effects of your procedure which will be clearly visible and hopefully make you feel fantastic.

However, nobody wants to look in the mirror and see a bruised appearance, which is why Auriderm XO is such a great little product.

Vitamin K applied topically can treat broken capillaries, rosacea and also aid in the fading of hyperpigmentation and dark circles. It is a natural source of wound healing properties and there is some evidence to show that it also helps to build strong bones.

Auriderm XO is able to treat bruising through the use of nanosomes encapsulating Vitamin K Oxide, an essential component of this natural bruise healing process. It is delivered consistently through the skin’s epidermis to the site of the bruise, targeting the tissue and treating the appearance so that they disappear sooner with the help of Auriderm’s clever scientific approach.

For maximum effect, it should be used immediately after post-procedure and you will therefore see a good amount of reduction in bruising and redness.

Cleanse skin before use and taking care to avoid any stitches or open wounds, apply a thin layer of Auriderm XO to the required area post-op. It should be rubbed in gently and used continually until the desired results are achieved or as directed by your Aesthetic Professional.