Rejuvenating your skin while you sleep

With today’s busy pace of life managing to get eight hours of sleep in every night can be a challenge, but there are ways to make sure that you can at least look well rested even if you do not actually get the sleep. There are some great bedtime beauty tricks that you can employ to rejuvenate your skin over night so that the clock does not have to be your enemy.

First of all, you might want to check out the new night-time self-tanner that actually helps bronze your skin while you sleep. The Sleep Mask Tan made by James Read combines aloe vera, red algae, and hyaluronic acid to make sure that you have a nice glow when you wake up.

For the nights when you are out way too late consider using the power charge night cream by La Prairie which will help energise your skin due to the oxygen that is infused inside of the retinol cream. In addition, the serum helps to motivate your skin into its usual night time renewal routine so that you get up in the morning with a fresh baby face again.

Apparently the best time for your skin to recover is between the hours of midnight and one AM so that is when the Night Crème by Yves Saint Laurent is supposed to kick in. The idea is to help prevent pillow winkles from showing up on the face while you slip.

If you really think that you are going to look tired in the morning you also might want to grab the Beauty Sleep Restoring Skincare Palette from Yves Saint Laurent since it has a nourishing lip balm and a nice night cream that will help you make sure you look great regardless of when or where you get up.