Relying on eco-friendly proucts could secretly be harming our health

Eco-friendly products are facing huge critics and objections because they pose a critical risk to health and body, to some extent. Why one should be concerned about these beauty products since most of these are manufactured using organic materials and substances. The answer is very simple, everyone in the world has become health-conscious and they want to do everything they can to avoid infections and diseases.

Science has answers for all our questions. Although many organic products are considered safe and healthy yet there is a dark side to them. The truth might be very alarming for those millions of people who have been relying on eco-friendly products for many generations. Some popular products are petroleum (being used in most winter skin care products, including Vaseline), parabens and synthetic fragrances. Every one of five beauty products contains parabens in the content.

Research at the University of Reading in the UK found some shocking facts about a substance used in most common creams and lotions called parabens. While there is no evidence to prove that the substance parabens can cause cancer, the research centre found it in the breast tissues of all women who were suffering from breast cancer.

The CDC conducted a research on a similar project but their work was focused more on testing urine samples for the presence of parabens. The facts they revealed were very shocking and alarming. In all urine samples they found traces of parabens in unimaginably high levels and they claimed that the substance maybe causing toxicity to organs and originating infections leading to impotency and infertility. It can also cause birth defects if used in the long run. The list of infections caused by parabens is too huge to mention. Therefore, you should avoid using products that contain it, even in a small amount or proportion.

If your question is how these products are contaminating the water and affecting the environment around us, the answer is simple, if we continue to use chemically laden products in our daily routine, we will actually be poisoning the water in one way or another. Make sure to use only eco-friendly products, only those ones which are healthy and safe to use on daily basis.