REN Skincare

Warning: Content video content suitable for 18s and over only

REN are a Swedish based company who specialise in skincare. Their products have caused quite a stir for several years, and their various creations have picked up many awards and much praise along the way from the likes of InStyle and Elle. Their latest campaign is entitled ‘Love Clean Skin’ and advocates that there isn’t a feeling in the world like when you are totally clean.

To demonstrate this further, they have released a short film online, which is suitable for viewing by 18’s and over only and features a young couple and a lake in Sweden. The girl enters the lake followed by her beau. Things quickly get heated and we see them strip off and make love in the lake. Afterwards, they have a swim and are then seen sitting naked on a jetty, he asks her how she feels, and she replies ‘clean’.

There is a certain fresh cleanliness you get from bathing in natural waters that is hard to replicate, but REN have achieved this through their fantastic and completely natural products. Check out their fabulous range on their website or pop to your local stockist. REN skincare can be found in the UK at Liberty, Selfridges, Space UK, John Lewis and small independent stockists that can be tracked down online.

The Swedes are renowned for their fresh, youthful complexions, despite the harsh conditions experienced in that country. The REN range of products brings us the secret of great looking skin that the Swedes have known about for decades, and effectively gives us the opportunity to restore youth, freshness and vitality to our skins.

If you feel miserable when you look in the mirror due to tired or dried skins, whether you are male or female, a quick trip to the REN website will help you revitalise and rejuvenate your skin, and have it looking as fresh and clean as nature intended.