Revenge surgery is the new craze for the recently divorced

Apparently, now it is not enough to be the first one back out on the dating field after a divorce as there is a new trend forming called ‘revenge surgery.’ This involves a wronged spouse choosing to have surgery in order to get back at their ex for leaving them. A new survey reveals that more divorcees are choosing to have cosmetic surgery in Britain than ever before.

The report found that about 25% of all women that choose to have plastic surgery in the UK are new divorcees. In addition, the report found that about 11% of all men that choose to have plastic surgery are also new divorcees. The trend is not new, as a few years ago a link between divorce and cosmetic surgery started to pop up, but it took a few years for people in the UK to jump on the trend as well.

Dr. Brent Moelleken, a plastic surgeon, stated that he thinks that plastic surgery has become a part of the grieving process that people choose to act out when the relationship ends. However, he added that it is not a great idea to get any type of cosmetic surgery one to get back at someone because many people end up not happy with the surgery results because they chose to do it for an ex.

Moelleken went on to say that when things end up not working in their favor. They are angry that the plastic surgery was not able to fix the relationship or the pain that they felt. Therefore, experienced cosmetic surgeons should always watch out for patients that might be contemplating plastic surgery for all of the wrong reasons. The new trend has also been linked to the amount of people that ‘let themselves go’ during marriage and then want to revive their look now that they are newly single.