Rob Brydon ditches the girl for Crunchy Nut Clusters

What do you get if you combine one of the biggest companies in the UK and one of the funniest men around at the moment? The answer is on our TV screens now; the latest ad for Kellogg’s featuring Rob Brydon.  As part of the £13m marketing campaign that first hit our screens last December, the latest ad sees the comedic actor take the part of Bruce Bowls, the presenter of a breakfast TV show who loves Crunchy Nut Clusters.

These kinds of adverts, when in the wrong hands, can come across as embarrassing rather than funny, not so the Kellogg’s/Brydon collaborations. There is virtually no dialogue in this latest offering, just Brydon doing what he does best, being visually funny without needing to speak.

The great Top Gun tune from the 1980’s, Take my breath away, is the background music as Brydon ‘dances’ and gesticulates to a gorgeous brunette eating Crunchy Nut Clusters. The camera pans between his movements and general antics and the girl with the cereal, who is eating her clusters very seductively as she obviously thinks it is her that Bowls is lusting after.

After a balletic leap from a table they are finally in the same scene, and he ignores her completely and takes the bowl of cereal. There have been many successful Kellogg’s campaigns featuring famous faces, including the likes of Jonathan Ross and Ian Wright, but casting Rob Brydon was a stroke of genius. He is one of the most recognisable faces in British entertainment, and one of the most popular.

The marriage between him and Kellogg’s has led to one of the most popular marketing campaigns of recent times, and helped to keep Kellogg’s ahead of the game despite recent tough times in the economy. Hopefully there are more of these ads to come to brighten up the forthcoming dark, wintry days.