Salcura: Nature’s Repair for Problem Skin

We received the following press information about Salcura, a new skin care product being launched in the UK.

Salcura, a new all-natural, chemical and paraben-free specialist skin care range for problem skin launches in the UK. Specially formulated with natural anti-itch, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, Salcura is an effective yet gentle alternative to chemical based products – perfect for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry and itchy skin.

A natural alternative

Containing only natural ingredients including sea buckthorn, manuka, Dead Sea minerals and tea tree oil, Salcura helps support the skin’s natural healing process by allowing skin to breathe. Commonly used paraffin based emollients actually form a layer over the skin, blocking the skin’s two-way membrane which is designed to both eliminate and absorb toxins.[ii] Salcura products also have the rare benefit of being suitable for most people including newborn babies and pregnant women.

Unlike barrier creams and emollients, Salcura helps to improve the condition of new skin cells over time by nourishing the deeper layers of skin. This helps the skin become healthier and stronger as it reaches the surface layers, enabling the ‘itch-scratch cycle to be broken.

Conventional treatment for skin problems often require a combination of steroids (which can cause skin thinning if used over a long period of time) for short term symptom relief, and emollients, to help manage the long term condition. Salcura deals with the short and long term in one product, by helping prevent future skin flare-ups as well as providing immediate symptom relief.

The Salcura Story

Salcura was originally developed in the 1990’s by German bio-scientist, Dr Martin Schiele, to treat the skin problems of factory workers handling chemicals. Dr Schiele’s unique combination of natural ingredients proved highly effective in soothing difficult-to-treat skin complaints. Over a decade later of research and improvement, his blend of ingredients launched as ‘Salcura’ – a range of products offering relief for those wanting an effective, natural alternative to chemical based products.

Many sufferers of problem skin switch between products with varying degrees of success and tolerance. For those who have ‘tried everything’ Salcura offers a real hope of relief. A recent study showed patients treated by the NHS found Salcura products 97% effective for their skin problems and many who try Salcura would recommend it to others.1

Salcura products:

DermaSpray Intensive (for children over one year) and DermaSpray Gentle (suitable for babies and hypersensitive skin)

Helps to provide relief from initial symptoms, but also manages skin conditions long term by nourishing the deeper layers of skin
The spray allows application without touching or rubbing the skin, reducing the risk of spreading infection

Zeoderm cream

Helps to sooth and restore very dry and damaged surface skin, ideally in conjunction with the DermaSpray products

Salcura products are available at Boots and pharmacies across the UK and are also available online at