Sheep placenta face mask anyone?

People have tried some pretty crazy stuff in a bid to maintain their beauty, but one of the oddest without any doubt is the new trend of trying out sheep placenta as a facial treatment. Snail slim and bird poop is one thing, but somehow using placenta of an animal sounds a little extreme, but some people are now swearing by it.

The origins of sheep placenta treatment are not actually crazy as the O-Placenta facial as it is called is actually from Stem Cell Beauty Innovations (SCBI). The company was founded by Robin Gray who upon getting very sick found out that supplements that are made with the power of stem cell technology are actually a great way to rejuvenate the health of the body.

This prompted Gray to create a line of skincare products that all utilise stem cells and since then her products have been used by many different celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Simon Cowell. The stem cells are taken out of sheep in New Zealand following their birth and the serum is placed inside of a small bottle. Therefore, the packaging makes the product a lot more accessible and a lot less gross then it sounds at first.

Right now the only place that offers the O’Placenta facial treatment is Harvey Nichols’ Beyond MediaSpa and the process is pretty comforting. It is done inside of a room that is pretty much like a spa hotel room and the treatment has various intensity levels dependent on your age and what you need done.

The formula is placed on the skin and then an LED light that gives off red light is focused on the face to help the skin better absorb the stem cells that are inside of the formula. The result is a much smoother face.