Side effects of waxing

One of the areas that most men are concerned about being too hairy is on their back and if they think it’s a problem they are probably going to consider having it waxed. Unlike many women, men are generally unaware of the side-effects that waxing can have.

The most desirable effect of waxing is the achievement of smooth skin. Waxing is able to completely remove hairs and the removal of the root means that you get a smoothness that lasts for weeks. There is a common urban legend that if you have your hair waxed then the hair is going to grow back thicker. Fortunately this is nothing more than an urban myth. If it were true, people would be walking around with hair that is impossibly thick.

When an area of your body has been waxed, the hair that grows back will be completely new. After a certain amount of time it will begin the thicken up so that it is at the same thickness as the hair on the rest of your body. There are some side effects of waxing which are undesirable but most of these are temporary and can be avoided if you take a few easy steps.

It is possible that spots will appear on the area that has been waxed and this is especially true if it’s the first time you have had the area waxed. After continuous waxing, this stops happening and most people don’t experience any spots after a few sessions.

Immediately after a waxing there will be small bumps and areas of redness on the skin. Fortunately, this is something that passes very quickly, it is known as hives and will pass within 24 hours if not quicker. It is important that you don’t scratch the sensitive areas and if they persist take some anti-allergy medication.