Skinny on the Outside, Fat on the Inside

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves a lot of things: eating right, getting some exercise, keeping an eye on your weight. But for those who are naturally slim, it’s sometimes easy to forget about overall health. If you can eat what you want without gaining weight, who cares what you eat – right? Unfortunately not. Recent research has revealed a new phenomenon sometimes referred to as being ‘skinny on the outside, fat on the inside.’ This suggests that what’s going on inside your body fat-wise is just as important as what’s happening outside. Luckily, we’ve got lots of info about this important issue to help you get the facts straight. Read on to find out what internal fat is, what other health indicators are important, what is cholesterol and what you can do about all this.

So what is internal fat? While research on this subject is ongoing, scientists are starting to think the amount of fat around our organs may have a big impact on health. This is opposed to the kind of fat people usually refer to when talking about weight: under the skin or ‘subcutaneous’ fat. Despite being slim, or even underweight, people can have high internal fat levels. By contrast, some overweight or obese people can have much lower levels of organ fat storage.

To find out your level of inner fat you need to have a magnetic resonance imaging scan, or ‘MRI’ as it is commonly known. This is a huge machine that takes snap shots of your organs, which can then be combined to get an overall image of your insides. Mostly these are used in hospitals for diagnostics, so it’s pretty rare that someone will  have a scan just to find out how much internal body fat they have. As a result it’s difficult to know whether inner fat might be a problem for you.

While this is certainly important, it’s not something to get too worried about if you already have a healthy lifestyle. What it does point to is the importance of understanding what is going on with your body, both inside and out, and remembering to focus on broader health indicators than just your weight. There are lots of different ways to measure and evaluate your health.

One indicator related to internal and external fat levels is, of course, cholesterol. But what is cholesterol? It’s a type of fatty molecule which can start to clog up the arteries if too much builds up in the body. Eating high amounts of saturated fat will increase your levels, so be sure to maintain a healthy, balanced diet with lots of different foods (although there’s nothing wrong with a treat every now and again!)

Other ways of maintaining a healthy body is, of course, ensuring you take adequate exercise. If you don’t do any at the moment, it might be worth having a look for activities that might suit. It is important to find something that you love, as this will make it much easier to keep up and you’ll want to do it more frequently. Just going to the gym a few times a week doesn’t cut it, though. Being healthy all over is about having a continually active life. Think about how to walk more: take the stairs if you can, move around your house and get those limbs working.

So don’t get stressed about your potential inner fat levels; just know your body and remember to try and stay healthy even if you are slim. Remember what is cholesterol and find some form of exercise you love. Beauty comes from feeling great all over, so stay healthy, both inside and out!