Slimstick your way to weight loss in the new year

The first week or so in January is when most New Year’s resolutions crash ans burn, and dieters well and truly fall off the wagon. Those trying to lose weight should turn their backs on those diet books and detoxes that seem to be, and invariably are, too good to be true, and instead get themselves some Slimsticks. This revolutionary aid to weight loss lets you lose weight while still eating your favourite foods and available throughout the UK from Boots stores.

Slimsticks, contains Konjac, a European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved ingredient and is the only product in Boots with such a claim. EFSA-approval gives consumers confidence that health and slimming claims made have been thoroughly investigated. Konjac is proven to help you eat less, reduce your weight and manage your weight. Of the 44,000 products submitted to EFSA for slimming and health claims, only 222 were approved, with Konjac being one.

By now most will have fallen off the diets because they are continually hungry, but Konjac expands in the stomach, making the user feel instantly full. Drinking plenty of fluids keeps hydrating the Konjac and the feeling of fullness remains. With Slimsticks there are no forbidden foods or no major adjustment to lifestyles like some diet programmes and they encourage people to eat smaller portions.

Registered dietitian, Priya Tew, says: “At a time when talk of weight loss is everywhere, there is a real temptation is to look for a quick fix or try the latest fad diet. It is best to avoid diets that encourage you to cut out whole food groups or substitute meals as these may result in short-term weight loss but ultimately lead to weight regain.  My top tips are to cut out the dieting and set realistic, smaller lifestyle targets that are more likely be successful.”

Here are Priya’s Tips for 2013:

Eating regular meals boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight
Boost your immunity with the true superfoods – fruit and vegetables
Eat low glycaemic index foods to keep your blood sugars stable and your energy levels stable. like oats, wholemeal bread, lentils, pulses and beans
Craving the sweet stuff? Make some healthier flapjacks, a handful of dried fruit and nuts, or yoghurt with a grating of dark chocolate
If you have Christmas chocolates left over think about giving them away…eating them will not help you lose weight!

Retailing at £24.99, Slimsticks which come in Strawberry, Vanilla and Double Malt flavours, is available in Boots, or