Snail gel said to be behind Katie Holmes glowing complexion

Katie Holmes may appear to be glowing since her divorce with Tom Cruise, but it would appear that there is more than one reason for this. However, the secret to her shiny and fresh complexion might be too much to handle, given the fact that it is almost as creepy as Cruise’s behaviour of late.

A source close to the terrific looking star claims that Katie regularly uses snail gel on her face which makes her skin look much smoother and even adds a little glow to her cheeks. Although she my not be directly lathering up in snail secretions, there does seem to be something slimy about rubbing a gel on one’s face that is made out of snail.

The snail creams that Holmes uses are said to contain mucin, which is a type of snail extract that is found in many South Korean and South American beauty products. It may be slightly slimy, but so was Cruise and she handled him just fine.

Snail cream is not the only animal du jour in the makeup industry of the stars, as bee venom is another product that has been widely been talked about lately. Ever since the Duchess of Cambridge chose to get a bee venom face lift everyone has been talking about how the magical substance can help to liven up a face in no time.

There is a scientific basis for the use of bee venom however, as injecting the venom into the skin can help to boost collagen which allows the skin to have more elasticity and making it less likely to get damage from the sun. Of course, anyone with an allergy to bees cannot use the mask, but it’s nice to know at least that one nasty little sting from a bee may be doing more good than harm.