Speedo want to see you unforgettable swims

Sposnored Feature

There are few sports where you enjoy such consummate freedom as swimming. Whether you are shooting through the water at speed or doing a gentle breaststroke, the feeling of well being that swimming generates has to be experienced to be appreciated. With this is mind, the famous sportswear brand Speedo are asking everyone to share what, for them, is their unforgettable swim.

To highlight the campaign, they have released a great video featuring the ultimate swimmer, Michael Phelps. This young American, nicknamed the Baltimore Bullet, has to date 16 Olympic medals, including an incredible 6 Golds from Beijing in 2008. These achievements put him onto the record books so many times its hard to believe any swimmer will surpass him. Not bad for a kid who, aged 7, was scared to put his face in the water.

This video shows his journey, in his own words, from that scared kid to a 15 year old world record holder to wear he is today, a name synonymous with the sport and a man who every swimmer aspires to.  This video gives a unique insight into someone who can only be described as a sporting phenomenon.

Whether you have done a dramatic swim such as the English Channel or, if conquering a fear of water, swam from one side of the pool to the other, Speedo want to hear about it. View the video, watch Michael Phelps’ story and then click on the link at the bottom to tell everyone about your own unforgettable swim.