Stand up and be proud to be a ginger

Ginger Parrot, the website ( that is excitable, informative and above all redhead friendly, have joined forces with the leading producer of hair products Simply Redheads to deliver to you a new range of shampoo and conditioners that have been specially designed for ginger hair, whether it be natural or out of a bottle.

In their bid to promote their adage of ‘all things nice and ginger-ful’, the companies have come together with a common aim; to encourage all redheads to shun the stigma attached to having that ginger hue and embrace their individuality, whether you have had the mutated MC1R gene since birth or are just a fan of the most eye catching of hair shades. Check out the great range today at the Ginger Parrot website and be proud of being a ginger!

With Ginger Parrot at the helm reporting on and celebrating anything that’s related to gingerness, Simply Redheads is right beside them, offering the tools to accentuate dazzling spectrums of reddish hair colours, such as auburn, copper, deep red, and fire-engine red.

“Whether it’s natural or dyed, ginger hair is something that’s never ignored”, says Emma Campbell-Kelly, co-founder and editor of Ginger Parrot. “But the hair industry seems to turn a blind eye to us. There are products specifically for blondes and brunettes, but shampoos and conditioners designed for redheads are few and far between. It’s such a beautiful, unusual colour, so we want to let people know about these great, rare products that will help boost the ginger tinge.”

Best-selling products available on include Simply Redheads’ Colour Enhancing shampoo. Deep pink in colour, its formula contains natural henna extract, a rare trait found in red hair products nowadays, which locates the rare red pigment and boosts it to the max. And, combined with a special blend of amino acids extracted from silk, this product ensures that ginger hair will be left bright, bold, and full of body and bounce.

Ginger Parrot’s collaboration with Simply Redheads to sell hair products for redheads is the first step of many for the platform to extend its ginger-friendly attitude towards the rare hair shade to all corners of the globe.

For more information and high res image files, please email Emma Campbell-Kelly on

Twitter: @GingerParrotUK