Sunshine Hats Offer You The Chance To Soak Up The Sun Safely

A UK Company is offering Britons a choice for better skin protection with a new website that offers a wide range of UPF50+ hats designed for children, women, and men. Sunshine Hats offers its customers a chance to be highly stylish while staying safe and defended against the harm of the sun’s rays.

Sunshine Hats offers a large collection suited for all tastes including cowboy styles, vibrant children’s designs, and wide brimmed beauties. Plus, there are products for every budget and age so that everyone in your family can say safe this summer.

Judith Kaye, managing director says “Our hats are a beautiful way to accessorise and keep safe at the same time.  We are proud to be the market leaders in providing the most comprehensive range of UPF50+ sun protection hats in the UK that ensure the nation stays sun smart, stylish and cancer free.

While it may not be the sunniest of nations, recent studies from Cancer Research UK revealed that over eight out of 10 UK melanoma cases are linked to an over exposure to UV rays from sunlight. Those particularly at risk from developing skin cancer include people with fair skin, moles or freckles, light coloured eyes and a history of family melanomas.  These are staggering statistics that have to potential to be significantly reduced with the adoption of effective sun protection and the continual raising of skin cancer awareness.

Since its launch just four weeks ago, Sunshine Hats has already won itself an ever increasing customer base from sun savvy Brits wanting to protect themselves and their loved ones from harmful UV rays. With each and every item coming with accreditation from the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia, UK customers can rest assured that they are receiving premium quality garments from a country that knows its stuff when it comes to making sun smart choices.

While many conventional hat brands adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Sunshine Hats believes that each head is unique and as such, has incorporated exclusive drawstring and Velcro adjustment features to ensure the perfect fit. With products featuring crushable, washable and water friendly designs, the hats are wonderfully practical and ideal for travelling, holidays and days out at the seaside.

As well as bringing customers an extensive range of headwear, Sunshine Hats is dedicated to offering an exceptional standard of customer service that is honest, friendly and efficient.

With the summer season fast approaching, the time has never been better to purchase protective and fashion forward headwear for the whole family.

To find out more about Sunshine Hats and to browse the fantastic range of stylish and affordable UPF50+ headwear for men, women and kids, please visit: