Superdrug launches doctor brand skincare range to rival top names in the business, but at high street prices

It is so disheartening seeing creams being pushed as botox in a bottle. A new skincare hits high street this week, a skincare range launched as a budget doctor brand. Created by Dr. Darren McKeown the Harley St cosmetic doctor, Naked Truth will be exclusively available at Superdrug and marks the first time the retailer in the UK brought a cosmetic range to high street, but more importantly at high street prices.

There are other doctor brands like Dr. Brandt, Dr. Sebagh and Dr. Perricone on the market but they are normally in high end department stores and are prices from £50 – £200. The Naked Truth promises to have the same level of quality as the other expensive brands but prices much more accessible ranging from £16.99 to £28.99.

The doctor says active ingredients are not cheap and if the best ingredients are used on top end concentrations you cannot do the same for bargain prices. But it does not have to cost an arm and a leg and with the agreement with Superdrug the prices can be at a level where most women can reach them.
Active ingredients in the range include the latest peptides, retinoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, copper and zinc.

The range was called Naked Truth because Dr McKeown wanted to deliver the latest in anti-ageing ingredients, but without the exaggerated claims and hype that usually plagues the beauty industry. Dr McKeown say’s “I get so fed up seeing new creams being promoted as ‘botox in a bottle’. The truth is that no cream can do what botox does. Good skin care products are an incredibly important part of looking after your skin, but they work at the surface of the skin whereas Botox works on the muscles underneath. The two are not the same and one will never replace the other.”

Jo Hutton, Superdrug buyer, says “At Superdrug we strive to provide our customers with affordable beauty. We are very excited to be launching the Naked Truth range which brings together some of the most advanced anti-ageing ingredients, but at prices which appeal to our customers. Since launching on-line last month it has become one of our most popular anti-ageing skincare ranges with great customer feedback and we are confident it will get the same response in store.”

Naked Truth Dr Darren McKeown is available exclusively from Superdrug stores and online at