Superdrug moves into high end beauty products

Superdrug stores, beginning next week, will carry special cosmetic solutions. Among them will be eyebrow weaving, derma fillers, and anti-wrinkle injections. Although Superdrug usually lags behind Boots when it comes to beauty and health products, this time it is the sole high street chain where you will find such elite treatments that are normally only offered to clients of the more luxurious clinics.

The key factors in the launching of these new products are price and location. The clinic price for anti-wrinkle injections comes in over £400, while the Superdrug solution barely hits £145.

It will be a fast food turn around, with Cosmedocs in London providing the doctors and dentists. Speed will make it easy to slide in during lunch for a quick treatment. Tesco already offers similar service in the hypermarkets. Anish Sabherwal, spokesperson for Superdrug, pointed out that cosmetic treatments that were formerly only available to the rich will now be both affordable and accessible to all.

In contrast, Michael Prager, a cosmetic surgeon in London, swears the outcome will be radically different, just as if you had gone to a barber shop rather than Tony and Guy for a haircut. The fact that it is being compared to a haircut indicates a certain loosening of seriousness about a surgical procedure, which does not help Prager’s argument.

Although a trial clinic was run four years ago in Brighton, six months later it closed up since there was no interest from the public. In spite of the obvious risk, Superdrug is confident, some say overly so, that it will succeed.

Given the public perception of Superdrug and the match with the new services, it is likely they will meet with positive results. Sabherwal emphasizes there is a vacuum in the industry for affordable treatments backed by competent doctors and not located in the cold clinics of London.