Sweden’s No.1 sunscreen product EVY launching in the UK this summer

British sun seekers are set to enjoy revolutionary sun protection this summer with established Swedish sunscreen product, EVY Sun Mousse officially launching in the UK. Previously known as Proderm and Bergaderm, this unique mousse based sunscreen, provides the same trusted formula that has delivered premium sun protection since 1999.

Using patented Proderm technology, the non-greasy mousse spreads into the entire top layer of skin, rather than sitting on the surface like other sun creams on the market. What’s more, EVY sunscreen mousse is a true broad spectrum sunscreen providing up to 98% UVB protection as well as the highest 5 Star UVA rating, keeping skin safe from the rays which penetrate most deeply.

Famed for its superior protection, EVY has been chosen as the safest sunscreen by the Swedish Vitiligo Association for many years. The innovative mouse strengthens the skin’s own protective barrier, making it perfect for those who are highly sensitive to UV rays. Leading dermatologists and beauticians also recommend EVY for people with eczema and sun allergies and well as those with a complete lack of pigment in their skin. The professional formula offers a hypo-allergenic coverage coupled with the best sun protection available.

Lisa Jackson, Director said, “Sun protection has never been the same since the invention of our Proderm technology, which has been protecting people of all ages for more than 15 years. After establishing ourselves in Sweden as the No.1 sunscreen product on the market, we are excited to reveal EVY to UK audiences. With a hypo-allergenic formula that is non-greasy, non-shiny and long lasting, EVY is a sunscreen that solves all sun protection problems.”

From Factor 10 to Factor 50, EVY provides safe coverage for all skin types, and ages. The patented medical invention that goes into EVY sunscreen penetrates the first layer of the skin, meaning no protection is lost when swimming, sweating or from enjoying other lively activities. Parents can let their children play in the sun, safe from harm for up to six hours with the Factor 30 Mousse developed for ages 6 months to 16 years.

Combatting a common complaint with conventional sun cream, the mousse’s matte finish does not limit application of makeup and leaves no shine on the skin.

To find out more about how the whole family can be protected from sun, the Swedish way visit http://www.evy.uk.com/