Take time out to treat yourself once in a while

Sometimes life gets in the way and regardless of how well you attempt to take care of your body you simply do not have time to be pampered at a spa or the money that such therapy requires. Think about when you leave the manicurist or the hairdressers, if you are like most women then you no doubt feel lighter and almost radiant.

This is because you feel renewed, and it is important that you take time to renew and reconnect with family members. Spending time with family, friends, and work colleagues outside of work can also help you feel refreshed. This is because spending time with people who care will make you feel more alive and help you stay grounded.

While you may feel as if you do not have the energy or money to take care of yourself, there are some simple ways to get renewed without spending a large amount of any of these things.

First off, every morning when you wake up just spend a few minutes thinking about your breathing and the sounds around you in your room. These few minutes where you just focus on the world around you will help to ground you for the day and help you to think positively about the day ahead.

Then take a minute to create some space in the day to appreciate the beauty outside in nature. Just a few minutes in the park or walking around your building during a break can help re-energise you.

Finally, make a plan to deal with negative situations in a positive way. By remembering to tune into your heart when you start to feel negative and instead think about how great the morning minutes in bed felt you can re-energise yourself and change your attitude.