Tanning beds and sunbathing

A recent study has shown that those who use a fake tanning cream are less likely to spend as much time in the sun or on a tanning bed. Dr Suephy Chen from Emory University in the United States has said, “The use of a sunless tanning cream changes people’s attitudes towards tanning and those who were using the cream generally spend less time exposed to harmful UV rays.”

The study showed that nearly 40% of people who used a fake tan cut down the amount of time they spent sunbathing or using a tanning bed. Dr Chen has commented about study, “There is currently a debate in the medical community about whether the promotion of sunless tanning is okay. Some people see it as an alternative to sun exposure which is a good thing while others see it as promoting sunbathing as a good thing.”

Many women were involved in the study and over 90% of them said that they thought having tanned skin was more attractive than having whiter skin. Over 80% said that when they were tanned they felt more confident about how they looked. The study intended to discover whether the use of a tanning cream would reduce the amount of time people spend sunbathing.

The study found that those women who used a tanning cream were also more likely to use a tanning bed but the amount of time they would spend using the bed was significantly reduced when they were using the cream. Dr Chen said that this reduction is a very positive thing but a greater reduction would be more welcome. The study did not say what sort of sunless tanning products were used by the women but did say that the vast majority of the products were for at home use.