Tattoo in haste repent at leisure

Personal tastes change, and teenagers have personal tastes that seem to change by the day, it seem which is why many of those who get tattoos often regret them later in life. It may seem like a good idea at the time to get body art, but later in life may be one or two that they regret that are now just a reminder of an obsession or crush they used.

A poll was conducted that proves that 40% of teenagers are not aware of how expensive it can be to get a tattoo removed from their body as laser tattoo removal is still one of the only methods out there that will actually take a tattoo off a body. However, this is a time consuming process that is also expensive and will sometimes lead to scarring on the body if the tattoo is large or has a large amount of black in it.

The report was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health and found that less than half of all teenagers that want to have a tattoo placed on their body are aware of the risks and difficulties that often come with tattoo removal. The survey included over four thousand students between the ages of 14 to 22 years and most did not know anything about tattoo removal processes.

If course, as any parent should know it is hard to tell a rebellious teenager what to do which is why it should not be a surprise that six percent of the teenagers in the survey were already inked and many more teens stated that they had thought about getting ‘inked’ in the future. Therefore, the best advice is just to make sure that you think through any design before getting it to make sure it is what you really want.