The art of the hair dye

Going to the hairdressers to get your hair coloured can be a very expensive time, so it is little surprise that so many women now are choosing to do it their selves at home for only a few pounds. A home dye is all you need whether you want to cover up the grey hairs, enhance the beauty of your natural shade or even to try out a whole new look. You can’t go wrong either with the simple instructions included in the packs.

Before you start dying your hair always read the instructions of the hair dye that you have bought. They are usually designed to be used on dry and unwashed hair as the natural air oils help the colour to set better, so if you are planning on a home dying session don’t wash your hair for a couple of days previously. Before you start, apply some moisturiser or Vaseline around your hairline, ears and neck to avoid staining.

The instructions will also explain about carrying out an allergy test. It may be tempting to skip this, especially if you have dyed your hair yourself before, but the ingredients in hair dyes change all the time so an allergy test is always advised.

Before you buy your hair dye, check the box to ensure that the shade you want is recommended for your existing hair colour and also to see what the resulting colour will be. It is also best to start off with a semi permanent colour to see if you like theĀ  result, and this is also better for your hair as well as stopping those annoying visible roots coming through.

If your hair is in good condition the colour will take a lot better so if you think your hair is in need of some TLC it is best to give it some conditioning treatments or go for a trim before you dye it, this way you are giving yourself the best chance of ending up with the colour you want.

When it comes to applying your hair dye it is nest to part your hair and section it with clips so you can concentrate on each section and avoid patchy coverage. Make sure to drape something like an old towel around your shoulders to catch any drips and avoid staining your clothes. It is also a good idea to put an old towel on the floor too, especially if you are dying your hair in a room that has carpet or laminate flooring.

Once you have mixed the hair colourant as per the instructions, put on the gloves provided and apply the dye to every section of your hair until it is completely covered. If you are just wanting to touch up your roots focus your attention on this area only, and then as it is approaching the end of the development time run some through the rest of your hair to liven it up.

Home hair dyes are not made to be stored and then used at a later date, so you might as well use it all up and ensure even coverage. Leave your hair to colour only for the recommended development time and then wash it out thoroughly until the water runs clear, preferably under a shower.