The best cereals to kick start your day

Cereals are a good way of supporting your diet plan with essential minerals and vitamins. It’s a good practice to start the day off with cereals that are abundant in multivitamins, calcium, and iron. During the winter time, you should try to increase the use of cereals as they can revamp your body with important nutrients and are very beneficial for stimulating the metabolism of the system. Iron specially contributes in the formation of new red blood cells and stimulates blood circulation in the body to keep it warm during the cold weather. But if you want to eat gluten-free food for any reason, you should pick on Millet, a rich source of iron and vitamins; it could be a good grain to start your day with.

Vitamins B6 and B12 are very important for a regular diet; they strengthen immune system, provide sufficient energy, and replenish the nervous system in the body. Oats are enriched with different vitamins but are a major source of Vitamin B group; they provide energy slowly to the body that keeps the internal system perfect during the cold months of winter.

Most people prefer to use healthy products in breakfast such as corn flakes, cereals, and porridges. Office workers and school kids normally prefer cereals to corn flakes and oats. whereas young women like including oats and muesli for breakfast since they can be mixed and eaten with yoghurt, eliminating the need of milk for the day.

Muesli are also a very healthy breakfast option; they come in so many textures and tastes so they have become popular among health-conscious men and women alike in the UK. Muesli and oats can be used on alternate days at breakfast time depending on what you crave for. A lot of the ingredients that go into making muesli are natural and healthy foods that also contribute in boosting good skin and hair alongside providing food to nails and bones.