The best way to care for hair extensions

Modern hair extensions are so well-made that many people are unable to tell when someone is wearing them and think their flowing locks are all natural.

Gone are the days when hair extensions looked cheap and stuck out like a sore thumb. If women are willing to spend a bit of money to invest in a decent set of extensions, then they can give them many years of happy hairstyling.

It is important to have your extensions fitted by a professional the first time you wear them, and you may even choose to go back if you are planning to wear them for an important event. This isn’t wasted money; as with a lot of styling techniques it can be difficult to do things right when you can’t see the back of your head properly. Expensive extensions could easily end up looking cheap because you tried to save a bit of money by putting them in yourself.

Once you have bought your extensions, it isn’t just a matter of wearing them, taking them out and then putting them away in a drawer or box until the next time you need them. It is important to take as much care of your hair extensions as you do your natural hair to make sure that they look great every time you put them on.

Professionals will be able to give you advice on how to maintain hair extensions so they look as healthy and glossy as your real curls and salons also usually sell special products for cleaning extensions. Don’t ever wash them in ordinary shampoo and conditioner; unless you are able to afford extensions made from real human hair, they may not respond well to the chemicals in the product.

If you are going to be wearing your extensions most of the time, rather than just for special occasions it is vital that you don’t get lazy and leave them in while you pop into the shower. Keep both your own hair and the extensions free from tangles with regular brushing and remember that as your own locks grow to match the extensions they will need more attention to stop split ends – and to keep your hair looking as good as the extensions.