The DVD home experience from CHEEROBICS®

From the 8th of October you’ll be able to take pompom fitness into your living room… Are you ready to shake your pompoms?

The Cheerobics Home Experience DVD is the much awaited product that is the latest in the Cheerobics range. Cheerobics is a form of exercise that combines working out with the enjoyment of being a cheerleader, it even utilises pom-poms in its exercise routines. The exercise programme is targeted at people of all levels of fitness so anyone can take part. Currently in the UK there are around thirty people training to become instructors in this new exercise programme.

The new DVD workout disc that is being sold by Cheerobics has some of the latest and greatest songs on it and there are many workout routines to match. If you are just starting out there is also an introductory section that will help you learn some of the basic moves. Cheerobics can be very active and involves a lot of movement so make sure you remove anything fragile from the room.

Taking a break? Switch to Disc 2 to discover what we got up to behind the scenes and find out everything about cheerleading in our documentary UK Cheer: The Truth Behind the Pompoms. Aim for the stars: with our award-winning Pro Routine from Zoo Fever Cheerleaders you too can learn how to shake your poms like a real pro.

Cheerobics® is the brainchild of 26 year old entrepreneur, Jessica Rossi, after discovering how fitness benefits of cheerleading could be applied to a mass audience and not just to her cheerleading squad Zoo Fever Cheerleaders.

After developing the programme over a number of years, Jessica took the leap in January 2011 to launch the programme nationwide as well as deciding to produce the DVD home experience for everybody at home. Within the first 6 month of launch, the programme has already attracted vast media and industry attention, being dubbed as ‘the next big thing’ in the fitness industry.