The Eve Appeal aims to raise awareness of female gynaecological cancers

It is estimated that every day in the UK around 50 women face a diagnosis of gynaecological cancer. Furthermore, the rate of death from this disease is quite high and it is estimated that 20 people every day die from it.

A research charity called the Eve Appeal, is expanding its group of volunteers in the UK so that they can build relationships in local communities in order to raise more money for research to be funded to combat the disease.

Just a couple of hours a month could help The Eve Appeal to raise awareness of these cancers, raise funds for world class research projects – and save women’s lives. As an Eve Champion you can get involved as much or as little as your lifestyle allows.   There are so many ways to help – including organising bucket collections, distributing posters and leaflets, attending local fundraising events – or even organising them if you feel enterprising.

Says Robert Marsh, CEO of The Eve Appeal, “We know that earlier diagnosis of gynaecological cancers can help save lives so we need help to reach women at a regional level, with information on risks and symptoms. It’s also a great way to meet new people, learn more about your community and have some fun …. while really making a difference.

For more information or to order an Eve Champions Welcome Pack visit or call Natasha on 020 7299 4434.