The Groovy Food Company’s agave nectar is a sweet alternative

When Toot Sweets was discovered by Caractacus Potts he knew he had found something good. The Groovy Food Company feels the same with regard to their Agave Nectar. There is finally a sugar and artificial sweetener alternative that is real, natural and scrumptious.

But it seems as though the secret is out of the bag. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, this month, revealed how she loves agave nectar. Gizze Erskine, the author, television presenter and celebrity chef also uses the golden substance in a number of her recipes. Even Jackie Kearney of MasterChef uses it in cooking and frozen yoghurt is even available with agave nectar.

Agave Nectar from the Groovy Food Company is 100% organic, natural, fat and cholesterol free. As if that were not enough, there is more sweet news, agave nectar has less calories but is 25% sweeter than sugar. So your sugar can be replaced with 25% less agave and reduce your calories in the process. There are two tasty types of delicious Groovy Food Company Agave Nectar.

Agave Nectar Light & Mild (£3.09, 250mls) is runnier and longer than honey and the mild and light version is excellent to add to cold or hot foods, combining in drinks and to use in baking.

Agave Nectar Rich & Dark (£3.09 250mls) does not require as much filtering as the Mild, golden agave and its smooth maple-syrupy flavour is great to add to your cooking or drizzle over your food.

So what’s all the fuss? Agave nectar contains 76% fructose (fruit sugar). Fructose is a slow-release carbohydrate which the body absorbs more slowly so it doesn’t need bags of insulin to break it down. Because agave nectar is low GI (Glycaemic Index) it helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced.

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter says: “Choosing a healthy diet doesn’t have to mean denying yourself the foods you enjoy. Making small changes like replacing sugar and honey with Agave Nectar can make a real difference and will help to make sweet foods better for you – so you really can have your cake and eat it without feeling too guilty.

“The main advantage of Agave Nectar,” Fiona continues “is that it is low GI. A growing body of research suggests that choosing foods with a low GI can help improve insulin sensitivity and bring a number of genuine health benefits. The fact that agave nectar is sweeter than sugar which means you need to use less is another real advantage.”

The sweet nectar comes all the way from Mexico where it lives in a spiky plant called the Blue Weber Agave. The milky white juice is collected from the plant and then filtered where the juice turns to Agave Nectar concentrate. There’s no unnatural meddling, it tastes great and your body will thank you for it!

Agave Nectar can be added to almost anything and you can be sure it will only make it tastier! It’s ideal for all your hot and cold favourites such as; cereal, toast, salad dressings, sauces, ice cream, teas, coffees, smoothies and is great for baking.

Where to buy: Sainsbury, Waitrose, Tesco, Asda, Holland & Barrett and independent health food stores. For more information visit or call 0333 240 2947.