The Latest Men’s Beauty Craze – “The Manzilian”

There is said to be an increase in the demand from men wanting waxing products from salons throughout the UK. As well as many men reported to be purchasing ladies waxing products to help groom the ‘manscape.’

Many remember the disco era when men in button-down shirts flaunting the forest on their chest brought sighs of feminine admiration. However, those days seem to be long gone. Gentlemen: The Chewbacca look is out, and a trim landscape on the manscape is in.

Top of the agenda for males has been the ever-popular back wax, followed closely by a rising demand for the ‘back, sack and crack’ – with 2% of the males visiting salons opting for a Brazilian wax, known as a “manzilian,” to remove hair from the most intimate parts of their bodies.

From the trusty shaver for remove those pesky hairs, to expensive laser hair removal, it seems men have been trying everything to get that smooth silky finish on their bodies to impress their partners.  With common problems such as rashes and ingrown hairs, it seems that waxing has become the weapon of choice in tackling this hairy issue, due to the quick, cheap, and effective nature.

Libby Eley, an aesthetician with the Dove Spa ( ), explained, “The best method for hair removal on the back is waxing. The deep follicles open when smothered in hot wax, meaning more hair is removed.”

Bobby Chotai, founder of Zeos For Men , commented, “For those men that don’t want nicks and cuts from a razor to mar the beauty of their manscape, the specially formulated Zeos kit is the alternative to pinching your partner’s Veet waxing set. It’s cheaper than laser treatments, more effective than razors, plus it’s just as effective in creating a high-end salon look and slick-smooth finish at home.”

The Top Picks for Waxing Kits…

Veet Waxing Kit –, £29.99 –           Designed for ladies-           Self-heating wax system-           Salon quality results
Zeos Waxing Kit –, £29.99 –           Designed for men-           Salon quality smooth skin-           Gentle, non-irritating formula