The Reluctant Raw Foodist Website Sparks Raw Food Revolution

A passionate wellbeing warrior is blending herbs, health and holistic living in a fresh new website that introduces readers to the merits of a raw, plant based diet. Featuring a cornucopia of creative recipes, as well as a myriad of lifestyle musings, The Reluctant Raw Foodist is a mecca for anyone in search of inspiration and insight into the realm of raw food diets.

As a self-confessed foodie, founder Su Jenkins didn ’ t fall into the raw food religion by choice. Her position as an employment and discrimination lawyer for a high profile British food retailer saw her continuously attend meetings oriented around breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper and even a dash of coffee thrown in for good measure. However the days of a food focused work and social life soon came to a close when she was diagnosed with a complicated condition including severe histamine intolerance (histaminosis), mast cell activation disorder(MCAD) and reactive arthritis probably rheumatoid.

While the condition peaked in her early fifties, Su had been plagued with on and off symptoms since she was six weeks old. As time went on she became hypersensitive to   high histamine foods, pollen, perfumes, body products, dust, mould, cigarette smoke, hair dye, everyday household chemicals and even public transport. Terrified of spending the rest of her life in a bubble, Su switched to a highly nutritious raw food vegan diet in the hope of easing her symptoms. The results were astonishing. Today, at 59 she has largely overcome her illness and is fitter, happier and healthier than ever. She even managed to shed more than 40 lbs. The Reluctant Raw Foodist is a celebration of her newfound vegan diet and aims to share her version of the raw food revolution with the world.

As well as shining the spotlight on a high nutrient raw vegan diet The Reluctant Raw Foodist also explores how changing lifetime habits can create transformative results. Su soon learnt that stress exacerbates her condition which led her to adopt a myriad of lifestyle changes. The site offers readers first-hand insight into the challenges of altering attitudes, as well as tackling mental addictions to the foods that triggers Histaminosis.

“ We create our bodies every day by what we put into them. I didn ’ t always appreciate this fact but today, I ’ m passionate about sharing this revelation with the world. I am positive that by making the switch to a raw diet and embracing the challenges of change, people can live life to the absolute fullest, ” says Su.

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