The Salt World is shaken up by The Garlic Farm

Garlic Seasoning Range offers both a tasty and healthy alternative to other salts

garliceSalt is one of the most common and simplest forms of enhancing the flavour of foods, whether it be fish and chips, a leg of lamb on Sunday or to liven up your scrambled eggs. The problem is that we keep being told that salt is bad for us, and with this is mind the Garlic Farm have revealed a new and exciting range of seasonings that are better for you than common salt, and which also, obviously, feature garlic.

The new seasoning range from the Garlic Farm contains reduced sodium salts in such products as Sea Salt with Garlic, Sea Salt with Garlic and Tuscan Herbs and Sea Salt and Garlic and Black Pepper. The low sodium salts in these products have 66.7% less sodium than your common rock or sea salts.

While a reduction is sodium can often result is a loss of flavour in the salt, the Garlic Farm is proud of the fact that it retains the distinctive salty flavour that we all love. When you combine this salt with garlic, herbs and black pepper, it creates a unique and delicious taste sensation that works well with a whole range of dishes.

Usually, when such a large quantity of sodium is removed, salt needs to be reduced to granular form. However, by replacing some of the sodium with potassium chloride, The Garlic Farm’s salt is kept in crystal form, making it something a little special. The salt has been purposefully developed to be used in a salt mill and the packaging features an integrated grinder,so it can be used straight away.

Tom Honeyman-Brown, Farm Manager at The Garlic Farm said: “Both garlic and salt are true institutions in the culinary world. We’re constantly trying to create new and tasty ways of enjoying garlic, which is why we’re so excited by our Garlic Salt Range. Hopefully our customers will be as pleased with the results as we are.”

Try it:

– on boiled potatoes

– on roast chicken

– in soups & casseroles

– in spaghetti bolognese

… or anything else that tickles your fancy!

The Garlic Farm’s seasoning range is available from for £3.95 each.