The search for eternal youth, in a jar

Nobody wants to look their age or, heaven forbid, look older than their years. It is for this reason that we spend millions of pounds every year in the hunt for eternal youth, in a jar. When it comes to buying a jar of anti-wrinkle cream, how on earth do you know which one, of all the ones on offer, is perfect for you? You walk into store these days and you are faced with shelves and shelves of anti-aging products, all promising to knock years off us.

The first thing to look for on the jar is that it contains a rich moisturiser. Keeping the skin hydrates in vital in the war against wrinkles and whichever cream you choose should contain something like cocoa butter, coconut oil or aloe Vera. These ingredients will be absorbed into your skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and replenished.

Another ingredient to look for all anti-aging skin care products are antioxidants. These special compounds help in the prevention of your skin cells breaking down, used regularly they could actually be said to reverse aging as the clinical definition of aging is cellular decomposition. The best antioxidants to look for are vitamin c and lycopene.

You should also make sure that whichever product you buy contains a high factor sunblock. Sun exposure is as guilty as oxidation for causing the breakdown of skin cells. Repeat exposure to the sun results in the skin aging more rapidly, wrinkles forming, brown spots appearing, and in the worst cases, skin cancer.

If you fancy making your own anti-aging product, there are some great recipes around. The first place to start is with good base oil, this provides the basis of the rehydration process, and gives the skin the moisture that it needs to rejuvenate itself. Olive oil is a good choice if you don’t want a thick cream, alternatively you can buy commercial shea or cocoa butter.

Apart from the butter or oil product, you will need to choose an active agent.  This is usually a natural substance such as a nut, a fruit or a vegetable, this gives your cream both scent and properties. If you are planning on storing your cream in the fridge for up to a week, or using it straight away, you can use the whole of the nut, fruit or vegetable.

If you want to store the wrinkle cream and use it over a long period of time you should never use the whole product as it will decompose over time and render your cream useless. Instead, you should soak it in boiling water to create an extract. Once cooled, the extract can be mixed in with your butter or oil to make a much longer lasting cream.