The Season of Damaged Hair

Summer is almost upon us, and for those who are chafing at the bit to hit the beach, or the pool, or just to get out there and soak up those welcome warm rays, so is the Season of Damaged Hair.  It is a fact that prolonged exposure to hot sunlight results in dry hair, and humidity results in the frizzies.  So the odds of suffering one or the other or both just skyrocket after a long day at the beach.

There are several things you can do to avoid damaging your hair as you go about enjoying the days of sun and fun.  One of the simplest and surest is a short cut, literally; short hair is much easier to manage and condition.  It takes less time to apply conditioning products, and you’re more likely to do a thorough job of it.

If this option doesn’t suit and you want to keep your long, luxuriant tresses, that’s all right too.  You can minimize any damage by limiting the amount of hair that’s exposed to the sun.  Long hair can be braided or pulled into a bun, French twist or just a ponytail.  This also makes it easy to spray on a protective coating, and/or tuck it all under a hat.

When you are shopping for conditioning products, look for the ones that are made specifically for prevention of sun damage.  The best ones contain SPF protection, both in the pre and post-exposure treatments and in products you can take along and spray on as necessary during your sun-time.

Make a point of giving your hair a break from the sun; spend some time with an intensive treatment designed especially for dry, damaged hair.  You will get the best results if you use a good conditioner that you can leave in your hair, wrapped up overnight.  Note that products such as oil sheens and gels are also best used at night, as they can heat up to the seriously damaging point in hot sunlight.

Simple basics:  use good products that add moisture and help your hair retain it, and steer clear of hair dryers if possible.  In any event, keep a hat and/or a scarf with you at all times; preventing damage is a lot easier than repairing it.