The Yoga advent calender offers a unique countdown to Christmas

Even though nobody is ever too old to have an advent calender, considering that losing weight is far and away the most popular New Year’s resolution, counting down the days to Christmas with chocolate may not be the best idea. There is one way, however, you can stay healthy, and still embrace the festive spirit, and that is with the free Christmas Yoga Advent Calender.

The Christmas Yoga Advent Calendar: 25 Days of Strength, Stretch and Happiness, is the simplest and most effective way to stay fit, healthy and above all stress free in the hectic run up to Christmas. From Camel and Fish Pose to Sun Salutations and Down Dog, this free ebook brings a new pose everyday throughout the month of December.

“Christmas and yoga both encourage unity, happiness and freedom. I wanted to be able to share yoga in a way that was accessible and fun,” says Nicola Jane Hobbs, creator of the Christmas Yoga Advent Calendar, and founder of MindMuscle Yoga. “The advent calendar introduces readers to yoga by recapturing the childish magic of the Christmas countdown.”

Why Christmas Yoga?

Christmas is a time for unity, for bonding and celebrating and rejoicing. And so is yoga. Yoga literally translates as ‘yolk’ or ‘unity’. It integrates the body and mind, allowing you to challenge self-imposed limitations and reach your physical and psychological potential.

How does the Christmas Yoga Advent Calendar work?

Every day you get introduced to a new pose that will take no longer than 10 minutes to do. There is nothing spiritual, no fancy yoga language and no set rules. This is 21st century yoga designed for the modern worker/athlete/parent/sports person/dieter/human being.

If you want to embrace the festive spirit, improve your strength and fitness, and reduce your stress levels, then download your FREE Christmas Yoga Advent Calendar or email