‘Think More Eat Less’ book helps us to think ourselves thin

If you are fed up with trying endless fad diets that never deliver the results they promise and leave you grabbing the chocolate, or are bored with those diets where the weight falls off but comes back on just as quickly and are ready once and for all to give up dieting, counting calories and weighing your food, then read on.

Now we can all learn that by changing our mind we can change our bodies, for good. Think More Eat Less holds the magic key to changing how you think about food in order to change your body. Janet Thompson is a life coach and qualified nutritionist who believes that it really is ‘all in the mind’.

In this latest ground breaking book, Janet shows us how that changing the patterns in our mind can radically help you change the way you both think about food, and what you then eat. This is the first diet book of its kind that brings together the approach of mind and body working in harmony in a practical way.

It is unique due to its double edged process of first re-programming your mind to change the way you both think and feel about food, and secondly by using a colour coded system to teach us how to create our own personal nutrition system that works for us personally.

Janet believes that when you change your mental state you change your body’s chemistry and that “brain juice” affects our moods and behaviors. She also teaches you how different hormones control your body weight and how you can learn to manage them using the right foods to cleanse your body, burn fat and feel more energized, allowing you to make physical and emotional transformations you never thought possible.

The unique colour-coded nutrition system will take all the effort out of meal planning, thus enabling you to create your own personal system that fits in with your lifestyle and preferences. Think More, Eat Less doesn’t force you to avoid the foods you love but shows you how to genuinely want the foods that will create the body you desire.

Drawing on several different cognitive and physical techniques combined with a practical nutrition component, this book delivers a total mind-body makeover that will work forever!