Throat Coolers for sore throats hit UK Market

Family favourite LanesHealth, producers of trusted herbal brands including Olbas and Kalms, has launched two new products just in time for winter.

Previously only available in the US, Throat Cooler is a soothing ice bar for those who suffer from pesky dry and tickly throat.

All you need to do is pop them in the freezer for a few hours and they will be ready when needed. Each handy-sized pouch contains 100% of your Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin C combined with real honey and soothing menthol. Choose between two yummy flavours – traditional Honey & Lemon or scrumptious Cherry.

Throat Cooler is not just for adults. With versions for little ones aged over two years, even kids can enjoy the benefits. Children’s Throat Coolers are available in either juicy Strawberry or gorgeous Grape – both entirely natural flavours.

Throat Coolers are suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial flavours or colours. Each carton contains six 25ml mess-free pouches ready to freeze when you get home. For more information visit

NEW Olbas Menthol Lozenges

Olbas has launched a new range of lozenges which contain menthol and release soothing vapours when sucked to help keep breathing easy. They contain no artificial colours or flavours and are suitable for vegetarians and those following wheat, gluten and dairy free diets. The delicious flavours include:

Menthol and Lemon with added Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus, like menthol, has been used for centuries in traditional cough sweets
Honey & Lemon with vitamin C. Just four lozenges a day will provide you with over half of your Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin C
Sugar free Cherry with Echinacea combines a well known herb with a fruity, delicious cherry flavour
Sugar free blackcurrant & aniseed with zinc is a real winter warmer, combining fruity blackcurrant with spicy aniseed

You’ll find them in all good chemists, supermarkets and health retailers around the UK (including Boots) and a pack of 12 costs just 99p. For more information visit