Tips for healthy eyes

Eyes provide one of our bodies most important functions and there are many steps that you can take to ensure that they remain healthy.

Disease or injury that affects your eye can lead to very unfortunate consequences and the loss of eyesight is one of the most challenging things that someone can overcome.

There are many different types of foods that are recommended to maintain the health of your eyes and it is thought that carrots help to improve people’s eyesight. There are also many things that should be avoided such as too much exposure to computer screens.

It is important that regular breaks are taken when you’re at the computer so that you avoid eyestrain. It is also essential that there is enough light in the room as dim conditions can increase the amount of strain on your eyes.

There are many other factors that can affect the health of your eyes which you can easily alter. If you are overweight then this can have negative health consequences on your vision and so you should consider a weight loss programme. Smoking can also damage the eyes and so this should be avoided.

The key with eye care is to understand that prevention is better than a cure. Exposure to bright sunlight can damage your eyes and so if you are in a sunny environment make sure that you wear sunglasses. These will also mean that your eyes deteriorate less as you get older and you will have good vision for a longer time.

There are various vitamins that form part of a healthy diet which are essential for the functioning of the eye. Vitamins C, E and A all have roles beneficial in the functioning of the eyes. If you have any problems with your eyes then this is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.