Tone your flabby stomach in just a few weeks

Some people who want to lose weight do not actually need to shed pounds, they just need to tone up areas of their body that may have gotten a bit flabby and lose over time.  For women especially this area tends to be the stomach or the abs but crunches every night is not going to solve the problem because unfortunately it’s not going to really get to the muscles you need.  This is due to the fact that crunches and sit-ups only hit one area of the stomach, and you need to hit all six muscle groups to get that toned tummy you see on the stars.

The truth is that if you want to trim up your tummy and your hips you will need to work out an exercise plan that hits all six muscle groups.  This can be as easy as learning different exercises that target the groups respectively.  One great easy way to do this without signing up for the gym or killing yourself with weights is by simply purchasing an exercise ball that will give you a wider range of movement and the body posture you need to hit all of your tummy muscles and those in your abs.

With an exercise ball you can position your body at different levels such as on your side, slanted, or even at a right angle so that when you perform an exercise like a crunch you are hitting different sets of muscles.  It only takes about ten minutes to read through the different exercises you can do on an exercise ball, but if you stick to them for the same ten to twenty minutes every day you will watch your tummy flatten out and your body take the shape you have always wanted.