Top 10 Tips for a more fulfilling life

Psychologies magazine have teamed up with Dr Todd Kashdan revealing that living a curious life of being ‘Life Curious’ could be the secret to life fulfilment and success.  To coincide with its ‘Life Curious’ October issue featuring cover star Julia Roberts, Psychologies magazine launch their Top 10 Life Curious tips.  Discover the missing ingredient to a Fulfilling life through the ‘Life Curious’ tips ‘revealing how curiosity is the attribute that when activated can help you to not only feel a sense of fulfilment in life, but also expand creativity at work and improve personal relationships.
10 Life Curious Tips
Start your day with a new experience
– Listen to a different radio station or make a smoothie

Find the unfamiliar in the familiar
– Take a new route to work, or chat to someone you see on the train/ at the station each day

Find out something you don’t know
– Read a section of the newspaper you wouldn’t normally

Schedule in regular doses of novelty and challenge
– Lunch with someone from work you don’t know, and find out something about them

Surround yourself with creativity and creative people
– Visit a new gallery or go to a seminar after work

Be mindful in daily life
– Listen to a new band you’ve never heard before or check download a new album

Be open and receptive
– Say ‘yes’ to an invite if you’d normally say ‘no’, and see where it takes you

Things change…
– Listen and delve into someone else’s opinion on a topic you are passionate about

Bond with your party over shared curiosity
– Meet up with a new couple or friends together

Thrive on uncertainty
– Style yourself differently for the day depending on your mood