Topman launches new fragrances

September 22nd 2011 was a very exciting day in the world of men’s toiletries, as it was on this day that Topman launched their first fragrances and grooming range at their flagship store in Oxford Circus and in Selfridges. They have been a long time in coming, 5 years in fact, but it has been time well spent and the quality and amazing scent of this range will ensure that Topman will become a serious player in the world of men’s toiletries, and in a very short time.

They have also taken the unusual step of snubbing a liaison with the major corporate licensing agencies, preferring instead to work in house alongside an expert in the fragrance industry. This is the man whose name is synonymous with the classy Agent Provocateur perfumes – Azzi Glasser. This partnership has resulted in two perfumes and a range of grooming products that include body spray, deodorant, hair putty and body wash.

The fragrances have been named no 16 and no 27, which comes from the numbers of their formulas when they were in development. They are two completely contrasting fragrances, yet both have that wow factor which ensures that whatever you are wearing, one of them will complete your ensemble to perfection.

How often have you taken a walk in the crisp freshness of the outdoors and wished that it could be bottled; well now it has. No 16 captures the very essence of the cool outdoors thanks to the blend of Bergemot and Poivre and underlying keynotes of Amber, Labdunum and essential Musks. It feels and smells clean, and will adapt to the temperature of your body to give you several scents throughout the day.

No 27 is an altogether more seductive scent, and also gives its fragrance to the grooming products. Neroli, Anise, Clarysage, undertones of Cedar and Oakwood, Frankincense and musk make this less of a perfume, and more of an experience. You know when you are wearing no 27 that you smell as good as you look, and it doesn’t get much better than that.