Unique Weight Loss & Fitness Programme with Phoenix Boot Camp

Phoenix boot camp is the perfect bikini body fix if you are looking to get in top shape for the summer. Phoenix Boot Camp is unique and completely different than the other boot camps. Drop the quick fixes, this is for the long term, an experience for women for amazing weight loss. Phoenix knows and recognizes the power of the right mental attitude and how it can help.

The camps are to help improve fitness levels and help people lose weight but different from all other boot camps, Phoenix uses a holistic approach to losing weight and includes a bespoke programme – Changing Limiting Beliefs. The programme prepares you to get into the correct frame of mind and get fit and lose weight but to maintain the weight loss after they leave camp.

All that attend will lose weight with the average attendees losing between 7 and 12 pounds a week and unlike other regimens the weight does not return back again.

The Phoenix programme is made up of three core elements: physical training, healthy eating and ‘Challenging Limiting Beliefs’ (CLB). The whole concept of the Phoenix Boot Camp is about sustainability and quality, no food groups are cut out and there isn’t a dangerously low calorie count.

With week-long camps running throughout the summer and weekend boot camps launching on the 20th May, the backdrop to the Phoenix experience is beautiful countryside and five star accommodation. Here in idyllic settings you won’t find scary military trainers shouting, but you will find a schedule of fun and motivational exercise lead by experts, with daily CLB sessions.

Phoenix Boot Camp has teamed up with therapist Rob Kelly who runs the CLB Programme and has already transformed the lives of thousands of people. The key to recognising and changing limiting beliefs, lays in understanding the different personality types and traits that create, distort and maintain them.

Women know that to lose weight they need to eat better and exercise more. But, in reality, balancing that equation is far from easy; emotions and lack of motivation can get in the way. Women all too often want to lose weight but can’t change their habits. Other boot camps will help lose weight but unless the root cause is addressed it is a short lived result. This can be a real knock to women’s self esteem.

Susie Sore, founder of Phoenix Boot Camp says: “One of the traditional problems with dieting and losing weight is that as soon as the motivation fades, the weight increases again. With our unique approach you are embarking on a life-changing journey, women leave our camp with a renewed passion for exercise, nutrition and getting the best out of their life.”