Valmont la Boutique hidden luxury

There are certain names you hear that instantly bring to mind images of luxury and quality. Cartier, Yves St Laurent and Gucci are three of the best known names, but there is one that is currently the best kept secret in the world of luxury accessories, jewellery and beauty products. That name is Valmont, and through their Valmont la Boutique spas in some of the world’s best hotels, they quietly go about selling their luxury products to aficionados of quality merchandise.

The Hotel Le Meurice in Paris and the Hotel Les Airelles in Courcheval are home to their best known spas. They also have a facility in Verbier, and recently expanded out of Europe for the first time and into Asia with the opening of their Taipei outlet. These are exciting times for Valmont, as despite seemingly continent wide recessions, luxury goods are seeing a surge in popularity as people are choosing to treat themselves to quality instead of quantity.

Valmont carry an exclusive range of perfumes, accessories, jewellery and top end beauty products that are used in their spas and can be bought both at their outlets and online from their website. The goods within the Valmont brand are created exclusively at their Swiss Laboratories, blending a combination of the latest technology with natures own ingredients to produce items of the highest quality.

To celebrate their Taipei opening, Valmont have released a video to give up a bit of an insight into the world of Valmont for those who haven’t visited any of their spas. This goes beyond their wonderful website and lets you see inside the spas and shows of their goods at their best. Chic display units with tasteful stacks of bottles and jars, bags photographed just so and the whole effect is of elegance and everything you would expect from one of the most respected purveyors of luxury goods in the world.