Vital Detox Retreats UK’s Nutritional Project For The ‘Flexitarian’

Following recent scientific research, body and mind cleansing specialists Vital Detox Retreats UK is helping visitors to their Glastonbury farm house start eating a personalized diet plan for their bodies to nourish their stomachs. Scientists found that bespoke diets based on gut microbes can help battle obesity and diabetes.

The Personalized Nutrition Project monitored 1000 people over one week and found that those looked at responded differently to foods, suggesting that general food guidelines are not always helpful as everyone is different.

Vital Detox Retreats UK knows this all too well, and understands that tolerances, likes dislikes and preferences to certain foods change from time-to-time. This flexible attitude towards food has given birth to a new group who don’t identify with labels such as vegans and vegetarians, they are known as flexitarians. This is a philosophy that the cleansing experts pass onto their visitors.

Anna Tolsen, Founder and Director of Vital Detox Retreats UK said, “By adapting a personalized diet our visitors can benefit from all the benefits of a flexible diet. We encourage clients to eat in a conscious way rather than giving in to the rush of everyday life. This gives clients the chance to digest food and truly gage the positive and negative effects it can have on their body.”

Offering daily nutritional discussions, the health experts share their in-depth knowledge to help visitors discover foods which give optimum health and energy. Nutritional and health talks also provides visitors with a bespoke plan, specifically tailored to lifestyles of the individual, so they can make positive changes to their diet and easily stick to them.

At the end of the retreat, new found flexitarians will be given the chance to break their fast on Vital Detox Retreats UK’s unique Raw Food Feast. Not only will this show visitors how to prepare dishes, it will demonstrate to them how delicious healthy food can be.

Anna added, “We all have different needs which is why we don’t advocate one way of eating. However raw food is the best way to break a fast. We give a supply of top quality probiotics to help protect the body when visitors start eating again. We also send each visitor away with enough food to get their new personalised diet plan underway, as well as give them to chance to stock up with healthy organic food from our local specialist shop. We understand that every diet is different and that is why we use our years of experience to help visitors find a diet that works for their body and lifestyle combined.”

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