Water for health and beauty

As we are all aware water, is needed by the human body in order to survive. We are able to live a much longer time without food that without water. During the times of famine when both food and water are in short supply, the body can go for up to four weeks without any food and survive. But we cannot go for more than three days without water and survive.

Seventy-five percent of the human body is water forming the majority of the tissue fluid and blood. Therefore water is the main link between which hormones, nutrients and waste are transported.

The body’s inner workings rely on water to function properly and the human body is not able to function without water. All the organ and cell functions in the body are dependent upon water with water performing a number of tasks within the body.

It is a lubricant for all the fluids that are around the joints. It is the base for saliva as well as a number of other enzymes in the digestive system that are essential for processing fuel and the digestion of food. By transporting wastes out of the human body water is a detoxification agent as well as eliminating toxic agents that could cause cancer or chronic illnesses.

Water is also a coolant in the temperature regulation system in the body making it essential to maintain the temperatures of the body. The temperature of water in our bodies is relative constant since it takes a great deal of energy to change the temperature of water.

Therefore when the body feels excessive heat it is surface water gets excreted as sweat coating the skin. When the sweat evaporates off the skin the tiny blood vessel below the skin are then cooled, with this blood then transported throughout the organism to regulate the temperature.

How much needs to be consumed in order for use to maintain a healthy body. The water consumption depends up the weight of the individual. But the rule in general terms is eight, eight ounce glasses of water per day. Water should never be consumed in large gulps, rather drink it in moderate gulps over a period of time. By doing this the body can insured the process has enough time and will not have to be playing catch up.