Ways to keep your new year resolutions on track

It’s been three weeks since the start of the year and if you are like most people then that resolution you made to head to the gym and get back in shape is probably starting to feel more like a chore then a health and beauty task. It can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise but there are some tips that make it easier to kick into a new fitness regime.

First up, instead of just trying to talk yourself into going to the gym you might want to think about signing up for group classes. These can be a great way to socialise with others and they will actually be something routine that you can excited about versus another ten miles on a bike or treadmill.

Researchers at Virgin Active found that exercising with friends is a much better form of exercise as it helps make for a healthy body and a happy mind. The researchers found that 64 % of women that run, go to the gym, or attend group exercise classes work harder when they are with their friends exercising versus being alone.

One of the most popular group exercises to hit the UK so far this year is the Zumba Sentao which is an evolution of the original Zumba workout. This class offers the traditional Zumba moves but allows participants to add in the use of a chair for more standard and seated toning exercises. Therefore, the participant gets more of a full body workout.

High energy boxing is another great way to get an all over work-out with very fast results versus simply using the gym equipment a few times a week. If you take the right type of class you can easily expect to burn more than a thousand calories a class making the road to health and weight loss a bit easier then you may think.