Wellograph, the First Sapphire Crystal Wellness Watch

Wellograph is a unique piece of wellness jewelry that brings an unexpected elegance to tracking heart rate, steps, calories burned and more; order now at Wellograph.com 

Wellograph, Inc., creator of the world’s first wellness watch with a sapphire crystal display, is pleased to announce that Wellograph is now available for retail purchase. Syncing style and sport, Wellograph’s bold design offers the discerning consumer a means to track healthy habits without giving up looking sharp. Wellograph is now available for purchase at Wellograph.com.

Beyond its eye-catching aesthetic, Wellograph is also an activity tracker, a heart rate monitor and a running watch in one. The wellness watch provides insightful information about the wearer’s activity through high performance sensors (9-axis motion sensor and tri-LED integrated heart rate sensor) in a sleek package designed to take users from the boardroom to the gym—without multiple devices adorning the wrist or a watch change needed. The device is also functionally independent, a smartphone is not needed for use.

Wellograph’s sapphire crystal face is that of premium timepieces and the material’s first affordable foray in consumer electronics. The luxe material is stronger than steel and superbly scratch resistant—it can only be scratched by diamonds. Through this spherical sapphire, the Wellograph wellness watch tracks and displays the following data:

Idle Time:

Wellograph reminds users to sit less, move more and get active.


Wellograph expresses how much of a user’s day is idle vs. active, in hours and minutes. The device offers a today view to show how many calories users have burned each hour and their total for the day. Additionally, the week view feature displays frequency, intensity and time of their week’s activities.


Wellograph measures the quality and quantity of a user’s activity vs. simply the quantity, as the harder the heart works, the more calories burned. Wellograph encourages users to get their heart rates up via high-intensity physical activity and displays a user’s current pulse in beats per minute, including their high, average and resting heart rate each day. They are also provided with an exercise score based on how much aerobic activity they completed each day. After extended use, Wellograph will rank a user’s cardiovascular fitness and estimate their true fitness age, a feature unique to Wellograph.


Users’ steps information is shown automatically as soon as they start moving and totaled to compare how much they ran or walked today vs. yesterday vs. their set goal. The device also offers users the ability to set a stopwatch, see their current pace and distance covered. After a run, Wellograph offers users summary stats about their run, including top pace, average pace, total calories burned and more.

Wellograph can store up to four months of this data internally and boasts a seven-day battery life. In addition to being functionally independent, the device supports all three major platforms (Windows Phone, iOS, Android).

For additional information and to purchase, please visit: Wellograph.com or Amazon.com. Wellograph will also be available in Microsoft stores in mid-September.

Those who have already preordered Wellograph will receive their devices by September 12.

About Wellograph

Wellograph, Inc. is the creator of the Wellograph wellness watch. A sleek timepiece, Wellograph combines activity tracker, strapless heart rate monitor and running watch to provide visual data measurements. It is the only device that reads the users’ pulse all day, records resting, high/low and average heart rate, and is the first to provide summary modes that gives users an overview of data.

Wellograph is a functionally independent product that requires no smartphone to operate. All data is displayed on the product’s sapphire-crystal display.

To find out more about Wellograph, visit www.wellograph.com.