What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

Whether you wax, shave or use tweezers to remove your unwanted body hair, you’re never going to be truly satisfied. Waxing is painful, seriously painful and in many cases it is so easy to miss hair, making you feel like you haven’t even tried at all. It can often feel like the bane of your life but there is an alternative option – laser hair removal.

The name of the process itself makes it sound quite scary and this can often be off-putting to many women. It sounds painful and expensive, inconvenient and time-consuming, although this really IS NOT the case. If you’re dissatisfied with waxing, shaving or tweezers, looking into laser hair removal is a really good idea and it has some really obvious advantages.
It’s precise
With a laser, it is very easy to be precise about what hair you want removing, so if you had particularly dark or thick hairs in with lighter, thinner hairs and didn’t want to go completely hair-free, you could remove just the dark, thick ones. This is something which really couldn’t be achieved through shaving or waxing and couldn’t be achieved very accurately with tweezers either.
It’s fast
Anyone who regularly waxes or shaves their legs, for example, knows that it is a lengthy and drawn-out process. All that time and effort for them to just feel stubbly again within a couple of days or getting half way through and not wanting to do any more are common problems that come from waxing and shaving. These are both very time-consuming but with laser hair removal the process is extremely quick with the pulses of the laser being less than a second and removing quite a bit of hair.
It’s more permanent
With lasers there is significantly less re-growth than there is with waxing or shaving, with many people reporting that after they had had approximately five sessions of laser hair removal, their hair re-growth rate was reduced by approximately 20%. This means that after having hair removal treatment, it takes less maintenance to remain hair-free, with this being a more permanent solution to shaving or waxing.
It helps with self confidence
As laser hair removal can be used in areas that shaving or waxing wouldn’t really work, such as the face, it can help people who feel very conscious and aware of having hair on these areas. It can be amazing what feeling like you are hair-free can do for your confidence and as it reduces hair re-growth significantly, it can help to take away this worry completely.

If you’re looking for a more permanent hair removal solution, laser hair removal could be the option for you, quick and virtually pain-free, surely it’s worth a try?