Who needs expensive retreats? Easy detox workshops in London

This is the time of the year when we all feel a little dragging feeling overcoming us and need something to lift us up. The cold weather of winter has kept us hiding away in houses and cuddling under blankets with our comfort food, but February is the perfect month to detox and lighten our minds and bodies and get them back to tip top shape.

While all the superstars and celebrities are able to afford the costly treatments and all the visits to expensive retreats and spas, the majority of us do not have this option. Although, now anyone can get great results from personalised professional suggestions by planning a Workshop or Detox Party with detox and naturopath specialist Alex Newte Hardie.

Alex, who is a highly qualified therapist and has a deep passion for natural healthcare, and for helping people to get their lives back on track said: “This is a great time of year to cast off the winter blues and take action to feel better about yourself. A good way to start is with a detox. Most people think you have to spend a small fortune to start feeling good but that is simply not the case.”

The workshops are held at The Health Living Centre, 282A St Paul’s Rd, London N1 2LH and Alex will help you understand how a detox works and how to do it safely in your home or at work, without the need to go to an expensive retreat.

The Detox Workshop can also be run in your own home as a Detox Party for small groups of friends, colleagues or family. Brides and bridesmaids could also support and motivate each other through a group detox.

Alex added: “You will learn the physical effects of detoxification and how it benefits your health, including kick-starting weight loss, increasing energy levels and improving digestion.”

To determine what kind of detox would suit you personally, you will have the opportunity take a quiz. Alex will also cover a comprehensive list of detox do’s and don’ts and talk you through a variety of naturopathic tools that support detoxification; from dry skin brushing to enemas.

To inspire and refresh you there will be a break to watch a juicing demonstration, including a tasting session so you can be confident at making fresh juices at home.

The workshop will close with an in-depth question and answer session so that you leave the event with the confidence to carry out your own detox.

Alex added: “Detoxing is the perfect springboard towards better mind and body health and with professional advice and support is the perfect way to start getting back in shape after the winter months. The workshops are informative and fun and equip people with the tools and knowledge they need to improve their health and wellbeing.”

The workshop sessions at the Health Living Centre in London run from 6.30-8.30pm and cost £10 per person. Detox workshop parties cost £12 per person.

To book your place, please email Alex directly at info@alexnh.com or find more information here DetoxWorkshops