Why starving yourself will not lead to weight loss

When people get serious about losing weight the first thing they usually do is start to restrict their diet.  This however is the first downfall of any diet because too much restriction will lead you to either fail because of starvation or fail because your body gets confused.  The real trick to dieting is to come up with a diet plan that both your body and mind can agree on because if you want the diet to work then every part of your body needs to be in agreement on the matter.

The number one reason why strict restrictive diets usually fail is due to the fact that it is impossible to stash away your cravings all together.  The truth is that everyone has a downfall whether it be chocolate, chips, or cheesecake and if you attempt to cut every treat out of your life then you will either go crazy or lose it eventually.

Most restrictive diets lead down the road to an eventual binge that is more harmful for you than one treat a day.  After all, allowing yourself a treat such as a piece of chocolate a day at 100 calories is much better than binging and eating a box of candy that is the equivalent to 1000 calories extra for the week.

Second of all, it is biologically impossible for a restrictive diet to actually work for your body and weight loss goals.  When the body thinks that it is being starved it will automatically start to store fat and slow down your metabolism making it impossible to shed even a few pounds working against your efforts to lose weight.  Even worse, you may set yourself up for an eating disorder that will only result in suffering from health problems on the other side of the spectrum which is counterproductive to your overall goal of becoming healthy.