Why waxing aftercare in vitally important

After any waxing treatment is administered it is very important that the client receives detailed information about aftercare in order to make sure that the skin heals properly. If proper aftercare is administered then smooth skin will be ensured. In addition, this allows a patient to heal properly without having to worry about any lingering irritation.

For the best results a client should be told both verbally and in written form to make sure that they understand and will make sure to follow the instructions. For first time clients who will often use their after care experience to judge if they want to get waxed again, this is very more important.

A leaflet is a great way to get out aftercare advice to your customers, and you can even optimize the use of this leaflet by including promotional information about other services that you offer in the brochure as well. You might also choose to fold a business card and then on the back of the card you could put a loyalty card. This way you get double the use out of one card and you know that your clients have access to the card at all times.

When writing the advice there are a few things in particular you will want to make sure you tell new customers. For example, you will want to tell them that most of the time bumps or hives will calm down within 48 hours and for those who have significant bumps a few anti-histamine tablets that are available OTC should help.

Also let them know that it is normal for some re-growth to appear after a week or so because it takes some time to get into a growth cycle pattern. In addition, warn clients not to shave before waxing again because hair needs to be 5mm long for best results.