Wild Manuka Honey from New Zealand

Manuka honey is renowned for its natural antibacterial, antioxidant, healing and immune-boosting properties. The purer the honey, the more potent its health benefits so it’s worth seeking out a genuine, certified organic, raw, unpasteurised manuka honey that is taken directly from the beekeeper’s own hives.  The best quality manuka honeys, with proven bioactive properties, can deliver the health benefits (see below) for which manuka honey is renowned.

Pure Source

Wild Honey Organic from New Zealand is one such honey.  Its hives are located in the stunning and remote Coromandel Peninsular.  This single region, single source is about as pure a manuka source as you can get.  The hives are never moved or put into pollinating orchards and the beelines have been left undisturbed since the honey bee was introduced to the Coromandel Peninsular in the mid to late 1800s.

Pure Honey

Wild Honey Organic is extracted warm from the hive, in its naturally raw, unpasteurised state, within hours of its collection. It is then packed fresh to order on site. The entire operation from hive to plate is certified organic.

Unique Bioactivity – explained

All honeys have naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide, an active enzyme introduced to the hive by the bee.  Wild Honey Organic also has the special unique antibacterial bioactivity contained in the nectar of the manuka flower which is carried by the bee to the hive.  This special bioactivity, known as NON-peroxide (or unique) activity, is a natural compound called methylglyoxal.   Only manuka honeys that contain this special methylglyoxal component can trigger the unique bioactivity that consumers are expecting in their manuka purchase.  Every batch of Wild Honey Organic has the Methylglyoxal test that confirms the presence of this unique non-peroxide bioactivity.

Winter Wellbeing Benefits

Wild Honey Organic can help your body during times of stress and boost your immune system.  It is especially recommended to take the honey at the change of the seasons and throughout the winter to help offset any illness.   If you’re feeling under the weather or under stress, two to three teaspoons daily are recommended.  To maintain a sense of well-being, a teaspoon a day will suffice.  The following health benefits are widely accepted for pure, raw NON-peroxide Manuka honey:

Digestive care
Winter wellbeing
Support for natural healing processes
Support for the immune system
Support in recovery after illness/operations
Oral wellness
Wound care (ulcers, burns, scratches, cuts) when applied topically

‘Nectar from the Gods’

The ancients described pure honey as ‘nectar from the Gods’.  A pure, amber manuka honey not only looks and tastes glorious but, because it’s in its raw natural state, it is filled with nature’s own enzymes, pollens, antibacterial secrets and antioxidants.

Wild Honey Organic has a delicious deep, rich and rustic flavour and a raw, granulated texture.    Enjoy it on toast, dissolved in warm water with lemon juice, drizzled over fruit, whizzed into smoothies – or straight off a spoon from the jar!

Where to buy

Leading ethical wholefood cooperative, Essential Trading, distributes and sells Wild Honey’s Bioactive Raw Organic Manuka Honey in 5+, 10+ and 15+ strengths.   Find it in good health food shops and online at www.ethicallyessential.coop.  Prices are £11.25, £13.50 and £15.95 for a 340g jar.   

To see more about Wild Honey Organic, visit www.wildhoney.co.nz or www.facebook.com/wildhoneyorganic